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Toyota is well known for its amazing sport cars. Ever since the rise of Supra, MR-2, and Celica, the company positioned itself on the market as one of the leading innovators in the segment. These brands were one of the coolest ones out there, and Supra was probably the most loved and desired. Then came the era of so-called “affordable family cars”, and Toyota changed its course towards the more promising market.

For more than 10 years now, fans have been eagerly waiting for news about the big sport cars comeback by the Japanese. And it is finally about to happen. At the latest Chicago Show the company introduced the sporty editions of Camry and Corolla brands (check out my reviews), and we’re expecting the brand-new 2016 Toyota Celica (read up on that as well) and the long-awaited FT1 concept, which is gonna be the next generation of the glorious Supra. Rumors claim that both are gonna be out in early 2016. So, as you can see, hope is yet alive, and some healthy optimism is due.

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