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Toyota Avalon is a next-generation sedan for the middle class. And while Camry and Corolla are presented as family vehicles, this brand is a step forward towards a more prosperous audience. With a really affordable price-tag of 25-35K (about 35-40 with all the additional features and safety systems), Avalon still manages to provide the customer with everything that the more pricy rival models do. And even though it was first released back in 1994, its full potential was achieved in the last couple of years, with the launch of the 2010+ editions of the brand.

This four-door sedan looks and feels like a real luxury car – on the exterior, as well as in the interior. You got amazing materials, a great dashboard, big cargo space, and tons of technological features on the inside, (even on the basic trim level), and a royal yet sporty look on the outside. As was mentioned before, Toyota Avalon is the next big thing from the Japanese manufacturer, and, judging by the audience’s and critic’s response, this brand has a promising and long-lasting lifeline in this more than ever competitive industry.

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