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Good day, folks! I’m a big fan of cars, and on this website, you’ll find detailed reviews of all the latest models, including 2020 editions. If you’re looking for down-to-Earth advices, tips, tricks, brand reviews, discussions of future models, and info about dealerships, this is your place to start.

Toyota, Mazda Chevy, Ford, GMC, Honda – those are just some of the brands that I’ll be talking about on a regular basis. I also love attending the biggest auto shows, so, expect quick and up-to-date news from the industry right here on my site. Welcome – I’m confident that we’ll have a great time together!

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Hey, everybody! My name is John Dean, and I’m in love with cars and the automobile industry. I’ve been driving and writing about cars since I was a teenager, and now, as a grown man, I’m still very much excited about all of it. First of all, I’m a fan of American muscle cars, like Mustang, Challenger, and Camaro. Trucks are the close seconds – F-150 is my personal favorite.

My goal is to share all the latest news, discuss the rumors, and provide you with detailed, helpful reviews. The auto industry is changing at a rapid pace, and sometimes, it’s hard to figure out exactly which car will serve you best. Hopefully, with the help of my objective reviews, you’ll be able to pick your dream vehicle and save some hard-earned bucks along the way.

Mostly, I’m writing about the current, 2019 models, and chewing on all the info we have about the upcoming 2020 models. You’ll also find posts about future vehicles, the best dealerships in the US, and a series of tips and trips for the automobile fans. Make sure to check out my “Best of the best” posts where I talk about the best cars for families, the fastest muscle cars, the cheapest compact vehicles, and more.

The bottom line – if up-to-date news, reviews of all the relevant models, and friendly tips is what you’re looking for, then you’re very welcome here! I visit all the US auto shows, and also attend many European shows, so, you can expect to find “field reviews” here as well, with out-of-the-oven details about the hottest new cars.

This site is constantly being updated with new reviews. I am lucky enough to get access to new, “secret” information and share it with you right here. Sticks around – I’m sure we’ve got a lot in common and will have a blast discussing all the coolest and fanciest models in the industry!